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Mercury is Atamkaraka Retrograde. His birth shows strong purpose and deep desire to fulfilcertain karma at soul level. So skills are heightened but likely to be hollow as far as true inner achievements are concerned.

This is all hell for him. Rahu is placed in Virgo in ASC and in scorpio in Nav with moon and Mras is causing accusation and destroying reputation. But as disciple, no one should judge the karma of his guru but should judge how much one is benefitted by guru's teaching. I was impressed. This yoga is very negative for Jupiter. Jupiter was combust. No one escapes karma.

The Jan 1st time is generally more accepted. The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Posted April 10, First thing to understand is not by good speech nor by good posts you should give your heart to a person and start looking at him as Guru. Most pakhandis Guru Chandal sound very decent and learned but their well crafted lectures are lies as they know that what they are doing is only a business.

Moon in Libra

If you wish to check spiritual evolution of a person, pls check agni tatwa rashis and planets placed therein. That who is no guru cant tell you right things correctly to follow in life for your's betterment or enlightenment, borrowed or stolen wisdom doesn't work always. In A good looking work also they wd do serious mistakes, will circulate wrong messages. In 's International Book Fair at Pragati Maidan New Delhi, Nityananda had a stall showing his books, while visiting book fair, I went to his book stall also, none of the books had any thing worth reading or carrying to heart, all superficial mumbo jumbo but well presented on quality papers and good looking young guys and girls selling Nithayananda's pics, I had a laugh at the complete show, I asked one of the desciple - Do you understand what you are selling?

What sadhana you or Nithyananda does, have you ever seen him implementing anything himself in his life? His desciple had no answers but anger? Beware any body who sells his pictures and posters Nithyananda appended a great spiritual term 'Paramhansha " to him without sadhana or without enlightenment, why you have not questioned or noticed it, Pakhand begins at this very point only. Rest is your's choice. It's said in spirituality that Gurus are formed only in two ways - By God's direct direction and By a Guru's direct direction and authority to Shishya.

First let a Guru prove his might, his virtues, his penance, his devine strength then surrender to him, and then never leave him, he is precious.

Nithyananda Witness Program: Report Nithyananda's Crime to Keep Society Safe & Dharmic

Best Wishes. Lalit Mishra. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. You are commenting as a guest. If you have an account, please sign in. Reply to this topic Announcements Posts are approved by the moderators once or twice a day. It can bring lucidity about your mental set-up, and support for eventually dropping your conditionings, unclutching from your mind and fostering your intelligence and energy to Live Enlightenment, to live a fulfilled and conflict-free life.

Product Details About the Author. About the Author Young enlightened master from India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, has emerged as a compelling spiritual force of our millennium. Working and sharing with over 10 million people worldwide every year, Nithyananda is committed to bringing about a true inner awakening for all beings on our planet. A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to sannyas, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques and tools for lasting inner transformation.

A powerful spiritual healer, Nithyananda has helped thousands of people fight back from diseases ranging from depression to cancer, often with a single touch. Nithyananda is currently ranked the No. Today, Nithyananda is an inspiring personality for millions of people worldwide.

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His authenticity, depth of experience and his rare gift for making spirituality both practical and enjoyable have allowed Nithyananda's teachings to reach far and wide. A lucid orator, Nithyananda continues to reveal to the world the deeper dimensions of yoga and meditation drawn from the ancient mystic disciplines of the East. His mission is to create a new cycle of individual consciousness on planet Earth, enabling the collective human consciousness to take the quantum leap into superconsciousness.

Nithyananda Mission is a worldwide movement that helps people discover the simple secrets of conflict-free, productive and blissful living. To raise the collective consciousness of our planet, and provide a powerful spiritual anchor for the individual in these times of change, Nithyananda Mission aims to initiate at least 10 million people into the life-transforming meditation, eN-Kriya, and , people into jeevan mukti, living enlightenment.

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Avatars and Liberated Soul. Del Dolor A La Dicha. El mayor temor que tenemos es al dolor. Todos los seres vivos temen a una Todos los seres vivos temen a una cosa, y esto es; al dolor. From Worrying to Wondering. No one or nothing No one or nothing can make you suffer without your silent permission.