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He finally ordered a laparoscopy be done and they found my cancer. I had a total hysterectomy and 6 months of treatment with carboplatin and I was diagnosed as cancer free. I did some follow up after that, being 31 years old I did not think anything about having had cancer.

I went on with my life and then gave up going to the dr. I did not see any reason to anymore, I was cancer free.

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When I turned 40 I started having my yearly Well Woman and mammograms done and everything was fine, including the one I had in January May 29 of I woke up wheezing and had problems breathing and could not get in to see my family dr. I decided to go to the walk in clinic. Something told me not to wait for an opening another day.

I went in thinking bronchitis maybe, but more than likely an asthma attack because the pollen had been high lately and I had been doing a lot of walking. When the doctor came he he asked some questions and said he wanted to do a chest xray just to rule out a lung clot, since I had had cancer before. He was looking at the results on the lighted screen when I came out from getting dressed and before he could shut the light off, I saw a large round spot on the right side and believe me it was noticeable.

He said there was not a clot but he did want me to go to the ER and have a CT done just to make sure he had not missed something and to also have a breathing treatment. He told me I was not to go out shopping or even go home for that matter he wanted me to go straight to the ER. When I got to the ER they did a CT and they have me my breathing treatment and an injection for pain.

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Which by the way did help me feel better. The dr. I have never had a dr. I knew something was up again, but what still not sure but have some idea. May 31, I was able to make an appt with a family dr. She then ordered a PET scan, this is where the warning bells really went off. I was lucky they had an opening the very next day. June 6, Back to get results from family dr.

Oh, forgot to tell you that I know what is going on before I even go in, I know that part of this is my asthma but with all the other tests that were done, my mind has been in overdrive just wondering what kind it was going to be. Decided to go the next day so the dr. June 7, Saw oncologist today. I have 4 spots, lung, right pelvis, base of spinal column and chest wall. My dr. June 11, I am at the hospital to have a CT guided biopsy done on my right pelvic mass.

The radiologist comes in and says okay lets get you ready for the lung biopsy, so we have to stop there and get everything right. It turns out he will not do the pelvic mass because it is right next to an artery and he does not want to take the chance of puncturing it. The test is not the most fun, but the nurse, tech and dr. The radiologist had a hard time getting any kind of sample but did get a little bit that was sent off, but came back inconclusive. Oncologist office called and scheduled me to see a thoracic surgeon to have surgical biopsy done. June 14, Saw thoraci surgeon today and after he spoke to radiologist that did lung biopsy he decided to do his biopsy on the chest wall.

June 18, Had surgery on chest wall today and they removed part of tumor. The lab in the hospital says that it is cancer and thoracic surgeon tells me this when he visits after surgery. June 20, No lab results to get yet.

June 28, Dr. Oh, and my CA is 89, normal is 35 and under. He went over all the life expectanty stuff that my husband was asking and then we got down to treatment. He said we could do nothing and see what happens or we could start treatment. I said I already knew what I was going to do and my husband said he thought we should discuss it first, like there is anything to discusss. I know he wanted to be in on the decision making, but my mind was already made up and it was my decision to make. That may seem mean, but I did not want to wait another minute. Now we need the por-a-cath.

I did not go with one the first time, but I will never go without one ever again. They make is so much easier. So back to the thoracic surgeon we go, oh but we have a problem, my thoracic surgeon is going to be out of town on Monday so he can't do my surgery, oh well we have someone new to do it.

So off I go to see the surgeon to get info I need. While walking down the room to see the new dr, I see my surgeon and tell him I am mad at him because he is going to be out of town on Monday and can't do my surgery like he promised me but he said he could do it tomorrow Friday. You know how it is when you find a dr. June 29, It has been one month today that I went to the walk-in clinic.

My port-a-cath is being inserted today.

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Will not have to have a general anesthetic, but will be put out for a while. July 3, Went to see my oncologist today for blood work and to find out about my first chemo treatment. Blood work is fine and treatment is scheduled for July 5, I will get treatments every 3 weeks and after the 3rd one he will rescan and see if there is any change and if not will try new medicine. July 5, I am here and guess what, my orders are not signed. My husband is about to blow a gasket and I am one of those who says he will sign them, when he gets here.

So the nurse takes us back to at least let us know what is going to happen and give us info on medication that I will be taking.

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The carboplatin I have had before, 17 years ago, but the taxol is new and it can cause an allergic reaction within the 1st 15 minutes of getting it if a person were to have one, so they have to watch me for the 1st 15 minutes once they give it to me. The doctor had told me I would lose tufts of hair, but the nurse told me I would lose all of it. We will see who is right. These infusion nurses are great.


A 6 hour day turned into an 8 hour day with the delays, but it is done. I can now go home and see how I feel. For the next couple of weeks I will be getting labs done once a week and then will have my next treatment. So far no real hair loss but my scalp itches like crazy. I did not get in to get my haircut before hand so there are strands of hair that just kind of fall out and it drives me nuts, so I sit and run my fingers thru it and even more comes out, but not enough to make a difference.

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July 26, 2nd treatment and guess what, as of today my hair is coming out in clumps, excatly 3 weeks after my 1st treatment. I will be bald within a couple of days, I guess the nurse was right. My brothers and sisters have asked that we move to Fargo be closer to them, so that if we need any help they will be there for us. Our son has been helping but he has to work and he can't always be there, so we decided we would and this way I could go to Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo.

I am so excited. I very seldom get to see them. We have moved to Fargo and I can see new oncologist Dr.

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Preston Steen on Friday, August 17, This is the day after I should have had my 3rd treatment, but what can you do. August 17, Meeting Dr.

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Steen for 1st time today, with husband, sister and nephew. All we do today and is talk about his philosophy of treatment and what he thinks. He says he will do a total of 6 treatments and then rescan to see if any changes and then decide if they will change meds.