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The results were released as a ten-point Tea Party platform. In the aftermath of the American elections , some Tea Party activists have taken up more traditionally populist ideological viewpoints on issues that are distinct from general conservative views. Examples are various Tea Party demonstrators sometimes coming out in favor of U. Historian and writer Walter Russell Mead analyzes the foreign policy views of the Tea Party movement in a essay published in Foreign Affairs. Mead says that Jacksonian populists, such as the Tea Party, combine a belief in American exceptionalism and its role in the world with skepticism of American's "ability to create a liberal world order".

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When necessary, they favor ' total war ' and unconditional surrender over "limited wars for limited goals". Mead says that both groups share a distaste for "liberal internationalism". Most leading figures within the Tea Party both within and outside Congress opposed military intervention in Syria. The Tea Party movement is composed of a loose affiliation of national and local groups that determine their own platforms and agendas without central leadership. The Tea Party movement has both been cited as an example of grassroots political activity and has also been described as an example of corporate-funded activity made to appear as spontaneous community action, a practice known as " astroturfing.

The Tea Party movement is not a national political party; polls show that most Tea Partiers consider themselves to be Republicans [60] [61] and the movement's supporters have tended to endorse Republican candidates. Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz refused to join the caucus, saying. Structure and formality are the exact opposite of what the Tea Party is, and if there is an attempt to put structure and formality around it, or to co-opt it by Washington, D.

The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the Boston Tea Party , a protest in by colonists who objected to British taxation without representation, and demonstrated by dumping British tea taken from docked ships into the harbor. The event was one of the first in a series that led to the United States Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution that gave birth to American independence.

Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

Koch and Charles G. Koch of Koch Industries founded Citizens for a Sound Economy CSE , a conservative political group whose self-described mission was "to fight for less government, lower taxes, and less regulation. The CSE lobbied for policies favorable to corporations, particularly tobacco companies. The two organizations would become key players in the Tea Party movement from onward. Fox News Channel commentator Juan Williams has said that the Tea Party movement emerged from the "ashes" of Ron Paul 's presidential primary campaign. Ron Paul," with the movement expanding and gaining prominence in Journalist Joshua Green has stated in The Atlantic that while Ron Paul is not the Tea Party's founder, or its culturally resonant figure, he has become the "intellectual godfather" of the movement since many now agree with his long-held beliefs.

Journalist Jane Mayer has said that the Koch brothers were essential in funding and strengthening the movement, through groups such as Americans for Prosperity. Powell, Jr. Gore said that the Tea Party is an extension of this political strategy "to promote corporate profit at the expense of the public good.

Former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin , keynoting a Tea Party Tax Day protest at the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin on April 15, , reflected on the origins of the Tea Party movement and credited President Barack Obama, saying "And speaking of President Obama, I think we ought to pay tribute to him today at this Tax Day Tea Party because really he's the inspiration for why we're here today.

That's right. Some of the protests were partially in response to several federal laws: the Bush administration's Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of , [99] and the Obama administration's economic stimulus package the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of [] [] and healthcare reform legislation.

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Tea party participants "think federal spending, deficits and taxes are too high, and they think no one in Washington is listening to them, and that latter point is really, really important," Rasmussen said. Carender first organized what she called a "Porkulus Protest" in Seattle on Presidents Day , February 16, the day before President Barack Obama signed the stimulus bill into law. This was due to me spending the entire four days calling and emailing every person, think tank, policy center, university professors that were sympathetic , etc.

Contacted by Carender, Steve Beren promoted the event on his blog four days before the protest [] and agreed to be a speaker at the rally. On February 18, , the one-month old Obama administration announced the Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan , an economic recovery plan to help home owners avoid foreclosure by refinancing mortgages in the wake of the Great Recession. He said that those plans were "promoting bad behavior" by "subsidizing losers' mortgages".

He suggested holding a tea party for traders to gather and dump the derivatives in the Chicago River on July 1. Santelli's "rant" became a viral video after being featured on the Drudge Report. A "Nationwide Chicago Tea Party" protest was coordinated across more than 40 different cities for February 27, , thus establishing the first national modern Tea Party protest. This has been an aspect of an overall anti-government message throughout Tea Party rhetoric that includes opposition to gun control measures and to federal spending increases.

Activism by Tea Party people against the major health-care reform law from to has, according to the Kansas City Star , focused on pushing for Congressional victories so that a repeal measure would pass both houses and that President Obama's veto could be overridden. Some conservative public officials and commentators such as columnist Ramesh Ponnuru have criticized these views as completely unrealistic with the chances of overriding a Presidential veto being slim, with Ponnuru stating that "If you have in a Republican government Aside from rallies, some groups affiliated with the Tea Party movement began to focus on getting out the vote and ground game efforts on behalf of candidates supportive of their agenda starting in the elections.

Various Tea Party groups have endorsed candidates in the elections. In the midterm elections, The New York Times identified candidates for Congress with significant Tea Party support, and reported that all of them were running as Republicans—of whom were running for the House and 9 for the Senate. The Tea Party is generally associated with the Republican Party.

In recent elections in the s, Republican primaries have been the site of competitions between the more conservative, Tea Party wing of the party and the more moderate, establishment wing of the party. The Tea Party has incorporated various conservative internal factions of the Republican Party to become a major force within the party.

A May Kansas City Star article remarked about the Tea Party movement post, "Tea party candidates are often inexperienced and sometimes underfunded. More traditional Republicans—hungry for a win—are emphasizing electability over philosophy, particularly after high-profile losses in Some in the GOP have made that strategy explicit. Brat had previously been known as an economist and a professor at Randolph—Macon College , running a grassroots conservative campaign that espoused greater fiscal restraint and his Milton Friedman -based viewpoints.

Senate from the South since the reconstruction era , winning the South Carolina seat formerly held by Jim DeMint in a special election. In the elections in Texas , the Tea Party made large gains, with numerous Tea Party favorites being elected into office, including Dan Patrick as Lieutenant Governor [] [] and Ken Paxton as Attorney General , [] [] in addition to numerous other candidates. This led to both political and public condemnation of the agency, and triggered multiple investigations.

Some groups were asked for donor lists, which is usually a violation of IRS policy. Groups were also asked for details about family members and about their postings on social networking sites.

That was absolutely incorrect, it was insensitive and it was inappropriate. Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, rejected the apology as insufficient, demanding "ironclad guarantees from the I. The resulting Senate subcommittee report ultimately found there had been "no bias", though Republican committee members filed a dissenting report.

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After a two-year investigation, the Justice Department announced in October that "We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution. United States ; the IRS consented to express "its sincere apology" for singling out the plaintiff for aggressive scrutiny, stating, "The IRS admits that its treatment of Plaintiffs during the tax-exempt determinations process, including screening their applications based on their names or policy positions, subjecting those applications to heightened scrutiny and inordinate delays, and demanding of some Plaintiffs' information that TIGTA determined was unnecessary to the agency's determination of their tax-exempt status, was wrong.

For such treatment, the IRS expresses its sincere apology. In late December of , the Federal Government started issuing settlement checks to around right of center groups, most of claimants each received a check for approx. President Donald Trump praised the Tea Party movement throughout his campaign.

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These are people who work hard and love the country and they get beat up all the time by the media. Martin stated after the election that "with the victory of Donald Trump, the values and principles that gave rise to the tea party movement in are finally gaining the top seat of power in the White House.

On the other hand, other commentators, including Paul H. Jossey, [] a conservative campaign finance attorney, and Jim Geraghty of the conservative National Review , [] believed that the Tea Party to be dead or in decline. Jossey, for example, argued that the Tea Party "began as an organic, policy-driven grass-roots movement" but was ultimately "drained of its vitality and resources by national political action committees that dunned the movement's true believers endlessly for money to support its candidates and causes. Tea Party activities have declined since The Tea Party's involvement in the GOP presidential primaries was minimal, owing to divisions over whom to endorse as well as lack of enthusiasm for all the candidates.

Though the Tea Party has had a large influence on the Republican Party, it has attracted major criticism by public figures within the Republican coalition as well. Then- Speaker of the House John Boehner particularly condemned many Tea Party-connected politicians for their behavior during the U. Capitol on February 27, ; their demonstrations celebrated the fifth anniversary of the movement coming together. Several polls have been conducted on the demographics of the movement.

Though the various polls sometimes turn up slightly different results, they tend to show that Tea Party supporters tend more likely, than Americans overall, to be white , male, married, older than 45, regularly attending religious services, conservative, and to be more wealthy and have more education. According to The Atlantic , the three main groups that provide guidance and organization for the protests, FreedomWorks , dontGO , and Americans for Prosperity , state that the demonstrations are an organic movement.

Tea party activists: Don't confuse them with independents -

These are people with real jobs; most have never attended a protest march before. They represent a kind of energy that our politics hasn't seen lately, and an influx of new activists. The Christian Science Monitor has noted that Tea Party activists "have been called neo-Klansmen and knuckle-dragging hillbillies", adding that "demonizing tea party activists tends to energize the Democrats' left-of-center base" and that "polls suggest that tea party activists are not only more mainstream than many critics suggest", [] but that a majority of them are women, not angry white men.

A Gallup poll conducted in March found that—other than gender, income and politics—self-described Tea Party members were demographically similar to the population as a whole.

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When surveying supporters or participants of the Tea Party movement, polls have shown that they are to a very great extent more likely to be registered Republican, have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party and an unfavorable opinion of the Democratic Party. Ann Selzer , the pollster who created the survey. In advance of a new edition of their book American Grace , political scientists David E. Campbell of Notre Dame and Robert D. Putnam of Harvard published in a The New York Times opinion the results of their research into the political attitudes and background of Tea Party supporters.

Using a pre-Tea Party poll in and going back to the same respondents in , they found the supporters to be not "nonpartisan political neophytes" as often described, but largely "overwhelmingly partisan Republicans" who were politically active prior to the Tea Party. The survey found Tea Party supporters "no more likely than anyone else" to have suffered hardship during the — recession.

Additionally, the respondents were more concerned about "putting God in government" than with trying to shrink government. The midterm elections demonstrated considerable skepticism within the Tea Party movement with respect to the dangers and the reality of global warming. The Tea Party is strongly opposed to government-imposed limits on carbon dioxide emissions as part of emissions trading legislation to encourage use of fuels that emit less carbon dioxide.

Many [ quantify ] of the movement's members also favor stricter measures against illegal immigration. The movement has been supported nationally by prominent individuals and organizations. An October Washington Post canvass of local Tea Party organizers asked "which national figure best represents your groups? The success of candidates popular within the Tea Party movement has boosted Palin's visibility.

In June , Congressman Dr. Ron Paul announced his non profit organization called Campaign for Liberty as a way of continuing the grassroots support involved in Ron Paul's — presidential run. This congressional caucus , which Bachmann chaired, is devoted to the Tea Party's stated principles of "fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and limited government". Jason Chaffetz and Melissa Clouthier have accused them of trying to hijack or co-opt the grassroots Tea Party Movement.

In the movement launched a monthly magazine, the Tea Party Review.